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cold night

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Android archer :)

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Hatsune Miku says Trans Rights

this is totally separate from the meme btw, i just really like trans miku

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rubbertig -

idk if anyone's curious but heres my webcomic... im planning when i finally update to do a big proper promo for it... but like thats been taking ages cos of ADHD so like.... take a look if you want i guess! its a cyoa about witches who wander a void.

Action Stance Go!

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Lulu the Wooloo!

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fabric practice :o

pose was made in DesignDoll

also working on updating this oc, the design didn't change much from the last time i redesigned her tho

this is Ismene, she's a witch that uses fibercraft (knitting, weaving, embroidery, etc.) to do magic!

Let's give this place a shot, why don't we.

Stickers / Designs on my redubble!!

I did these over the summer!! I forgot to post them but get them on cute shirts and stickers and stuff on My Shop!

pppppbbt, mmm vines, haha noooo it's totally not a medusa-d person, what are you even talking about ppppppffft

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A short comic about Schrodinger's Cat. One of my favorite comics I've made.

edit: it appears the last 3 pages have been missing since i uploaded this 2 weeks ago! whoops. now fixed.

edit2: nevermind, that seems to have removed all but 1 of the pages. apparently this is an issue with the site, so i'll wait a week before trying to edit this post again. Sorry!

edit 3: should be good now?? fingers crossed.